Book : Phobos from Victor Dixen

A few years ago, I got an ebook called Phobos from Victor Dixen.

This book tells the story of 6 young women and 6 young men who are sent on mission to Mars. The first inhabited mission sponsored by a TV channel (Genesis) everything is filmed permanently.
It’s a kind of reality show on the background of a mission on Mars and a love story between young people who can only see each other in a parlor separated by a thick glass and who will only really meet each other once on Mars.

I had a lot of fun reading this book.

This week while strolling through the shelves of the library I came across the rest! As I was walking and the volumes are big books and not pocket editions, I could only take the second volume and it is with pleasure that I plunged into the adventures of Leo, Marcus, Kris and their friends!

I can’t wait to finish this book and read the rest of the story!

Do you know these books? If the answer is no and you are looking for a book to read then I advise you!
The characters are endearing and the story very compelling!

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