Hello Everyone and welcome on Niji Kumo !

I’m really please to have you here and I hope you will enjoy this little story about me and my website 🙂

Let’s talk about me

My nickname is Narcisse or Narcissette and I will be 39 year old the 31th december ! I live in Belgium (the French side) with a wonderfull man, I’m a mother of 2 teenager and I also have a cat, a dog and 2 rabbit !

I love reading, writing, drawing, manga, scifi, horror movies, Tim Burton, kawaii, spirituality, personnal development, … and of course sewing, crafting, knitting, crocheting, creating … for my dolls !

And about this website !

This website is a place where I want to share with my passion and also share patterns and freebies like this anyone will be able to make they own creation for their dolls !

It’s an happy place, full of sparkles and joy. I’ve decided to let this website free of adds to keep the sweet atmosphere I want to create ^^

In the blog section you will find post about everything and anything 😉 Dolls for sure but also book I read, Place I visit, People I meet, Convention, … Anything that I would be happy to share with you all !

My Doll Family

This about page can’t be complete without talking about my dolls ^^

As I mentioned before, I only have dolls from Fairyland, that don’t mean that I dislike other dolls, it’s just my actual taste, maybe they will change someday ?

Let me introduce my dolls from the oldest to the newest 😉

Fairyland Minifee

Minifee Chloé Normal Skin

I got her in 2010, she is already 9 years old !! She came home with the old A-Line body with cutie leg. Recently I exchanged her body with a friend an she got her own Moe-Line body that I think suits her better ^^

She loves art, manga, anime, cartoon, disney, sci-fi, … She is a cosplay girl ! She adores to incarnate her favorite character ! She already cosplayed Mara Jade and Sabrina from the Netflix show.
She loves to wear more vintage and mori clothes.

Valentine : Minifee Sarang 2014 Normal Skin

I got her in 2014, I was so happy because I really wanted this cute little face and I’ve never regret it 😉 I ordered her own Moe-Line Body directly from fairyland.

She is my sweat kawaii girl, she loves pastel and colored clothes, wearing comfy sweater and kigurumi ! She is a little bit Decora Style !
She loves shojo and magical girls and unicorns and pusheen and rainbow and hello kitty and … all the kawaii things in the world !

Claudia : Minifee Flam Normal Skin

I got her in 2016, a nice and cute little face that brings me a lot of joys 🙂 She got her body the same year ^^

She is a little mysterious to me, she loves reading, learning but also nice clothes and makeup ! Maybe she is just a real girl 😉

Victoria : Minifee Flam Elf Normal Skin

I got her for Christmas 2018, I totally feel in love when I’ve seen her for sell ! So I grab my chance and bim I got her !! I also find her a body like 2 days after buying her ^^

She is my little elf, she loves nature, comfy clothes, cute dress, magic, animals, joy … She is always happy, a real ray of sunshine !

Gabrielle : Minifee Chloé Tan Skin

I got her in 2019 she is my most recent dolls, I ordered her directly trought Fairyland, I was so happy to have her because in 2016 I’ve already had a Chloé TS that I’ve sold due to money problem. So getting a new one was like saying to me “everythings is okay now” !

She is my more calm girl, she like to tell story, take pictures, read and also write. Maybe she is a writer ?
She loves to wear cute clothes, she is a precious girl.